Microsoft industry insights webinar series

Learn how to transcend boundaries and drive innovation with Microsoft partner industry solutions.

Enable customers to adapt to the changing landscape across industries

Together with our partners, Microsoft is committed to helping every organization use technology to accelerate their digital transformation and build organizational resilience. Advances in technology are creating a new world of innovation that will shape how organizations function, serve, and optimize digital transformation. Our industry solutions are focused to enable customers and partners to adapt to the changing landscape across industries and geographies.

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police officer in police vehicle looking at handheld Surface device

Learn how to improve public safety, accelerate innovation to maximize value of data, manufacture a more resilient, sustainable future, connect experiences across end-to-end shopper journey, accelerate the future of automotive, mobility, transportation, and fast-track your journey toward an effective system-wide transformation.

Webinar series with partners who bring it together


Learn how Microsoft and our partners are driving transformation in the government industry in this webinar series

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Health and life sciences

Learn about new solutions for improving patient care and organizational efficiency in health and life sciences

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Learn how to drive sustained profitability and growth in uncertain times with Microsoft and our partners

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Financial Services

Microsoft and our partners help you modernize financial services with security and compliance

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Unlock innovation and operate connected enterprises with Rockwell Automation and Microsoft

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Reimagine education with Microsoft and our partners

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Learn how Microsoft and our partners help providers solve complex challenges, accelerate energy transition, and deliver better outcomes.

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