Microsoft Industry Webinar Series: Retail

Resilient retail in an omnichannel world

Engage customers effectively wherever they are

Learn how to drive sustained profitability and growth in uncertain times with Microsoft and our partners

In this webinar series, join Microsoft and our partners to learn how to maximize the value of your data, build stronger relationships with customers across all touchpoints, and more.

A woman is seen from behind, standing next to a potted plant, browsing through a series of shirts that are hung in an open closest.

Navigating e-commerce third-party services: building an effective digital governance framework

Learn how you can safeguard data while managing numerous third-party services with Namogoo and Microsoft.

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two women stand in a retail environment, pointing to objects beneath a display case. One of the women holds a tablet that displays images of clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry.

How retail marketers can acquire more customers for less with 1st-party data

Audience sizes and match rates are declining because retail brands are not sending ad platforms the right data to find customers. How can you boost ROI on your marketing efforts? Join us to find out.

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Exploring the world of generative AI use cases with Wipro & Microsoft

Explore the exciting world of generative AI use cases with Wipro’s Generative AI framework on Azure OpenAI, showcasing how OpenAI's models are being used in industries like retail.

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A smiling woman stands with a laptop on a counter top in a retail environment. A man stands to her left, pointing at a printed photo of home decor. Fabrics or curtain samples are hung behind.

Retail customer experience insights unveiled: best practices & benchmarks from retail industry masterminds

What are the biggest gaps and opportunities for retailers to improve omnichannel customer experience? How does your brand stack up against customer experience leaders? How can your brand join the top tier? Join the webinar to find out!

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Retail: industry insights

Transform your business with unified point-of-sale systems, intuitive user interfaces, secure payment systems, and insightful data analytics.

Drive greater profitability with advanced retail analytics, agile inventory management systems, and AI-driven business intelligence.

Deliver the personalized experience customers want, wherever they want with omnichannel marketing, smart stores, and powerful customer relationship management systems.